Time to grow a moustache, guys

Publication: The Star Online
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PROSTATE and testicular cancer will be the focus of a three-month awareness and fundraising campaign, known as Movember – The Ultimate Shave Off, organised by Makna (National Cancer Council) together with the Rainbow Team volunteer group.

Movember (a portmanteau of “Moustache” and “November”), which started in Australia in 1999 had become synonymous with efforts to raise awareness on men’s health issues, including prostate and other male-related cancers, with the growing of moustache in the month of November.

Makna is carrying the campaign to increase awareness and encourage more open and frequent conversation about prostate and testicular cancer that are not getting as much exposure compared to other forms of cancer.
Under the campaign, men need to grow their moustache or beard from September until November, then have an ‘Ultimate Shave Off’.
The growing of moustache or beard is symbolic as many cancer patients lose their hair while undergoing treatment.

Therefore, the idea behind this campaign is for men to lend their voice to the cause and create meaningful conversations regarding male cancer awareness by stirring the curiosities of family, friends and colleagues with the growing of facial hair and ultimately shaving it off.
Makna founder and president Datuk Mohd Farid Ariffin said: “Often in this fast-paced world that we live in, our health becomes the least of our concern.

“For this reason, Makna, as a cancer organisation, took upon itself to remind the public on the importance of regular health checks and early detection in maintaining one’s well-being in general, and in fighting and preventing cancer in particular.”

Makna and the Rainbow Team have also released a theme song and music video.
The song was composed by local artistes Dr Sakthi and Caprice.
The music video also features cancer survivors and some of the best-known names in the local entertainment, sports and beauty scenes, including Jehan Miskin, Hans Isaac, Thanuja Ananthan, Carol Lee, Wilson Tan, Safee Sali, Pandelela Rinong, and Prem Shankar – all of whom generously contributed their time to the making of this video.

In total, 58 celebrities, artistes and personalities, as well as countless cancer survivors and students from five schools in and around Kuala Lumpur had come together to make the music video possible.
The campaign’s cinema partner, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd, played the 60-second version of the video in cinemas nationwide from August.

Also planned is an online contest for the most creative video calls for the submission of videos to send messages to men on the importance of regular health checks.
An entry donation of minimum RM38 is required to participate in the video contest.

All are welcome to participate in the Selfie Your “Stache Challenge” competition where they are required to either grow and/or wear fake moustache, take a selfie, and upload it to Makna social media (#theultimateshaveoff), or they can even challenge their friends to it!
Instagram your selfie at Maknacancer and hashtag #theultimateshaveoff
Tweet @Maknashaveoff on Twitter
Facebook it on www.facebook.com/theultimateshaveoff

A grand finale is planned at the Great Eastern Mall in Jalan Ampang for the closing of this campaign.
At the finale, men with their moustache and beard will be shaven off by barbers from Truefitt & Hill, whose outlet is on the second floor of the mall.

Anyone with creatively and outstandingly groomed moustache and beard can also walk in to the finale location and stand a chance to be awarded a surprise gift.