Going bald for a good cause

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THE University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) ceo and provost Prof Christine Ennew was cheered on and supported by staff and students recently as they gathered to watch her head being shaved. She had earlier pledged to do so if RM20,000 was raised as part of the Jom Botak campaign organised by the university’s Ace Society and the National Cancer Council Malaysia (Makna).

“Our students have been fundraising to help Makna enhance treatment and support for cancer sufferers from disadvantaged backgrounds giving them the best possible chance to fight the disease.
“They have worked hard and I wanted to offer them my support in the best way I could.
“It’s a small price to pay to be able to raise so much to support this important cause,” said Prof Ennew.
The Jom Botak campaign was held for the fourth consecutive year at UNMC from Oct 28 to Nov 5, to raise funds, increase awareness and show support to cancer patients throughout Malaysia.
“We have raised over RM20,000. Money continues to come in. We were thrilled to get Prof Ennew on board towards this pledge,” said UNMC Jom Botak campaign organising chairman and second year international business management student He Manli.

Several staff members and students also got their heads shaved as part of the campaign while others donated towards the individual pledges.

“I was very pleased to take part in thes initiative,” said Dr Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz from the School of Geography.

Donors can contribute to the campaign until Nov 30 at http://simplygiving.com/jombotakshaveforlife