Makna brings breast cancer awareness to Felda schemes

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Felda scheme residents in the state are urged to go for regular tests to check for breast cancer.
Felda Palong 7 and 8 clinic health panel member, Mohd Noor Wahid said it was tragic that when they did finally go for a test, the cancer would have reached an advanced stage.

“Don’t take the matter lightly. Do a test immediately, before it’s too late,” he urged, at the launch of the National Cancer Council (Makna) Breast Cancer Mobile Screening Test programme at Felda Palong 7 Secondary School in Jempol, east of Seremban.

Mohd Noor, who is the programme coordinator, said men were also susceptible to breast cancer.

“This programme is conducted to educate Felda residents about breast cancer to save lives,” he said.

Makna service department deputy chief Nisha-Sanita Mohd Norha said the programme targeted women without breast cancer.

“Our targets are non breast cancer patients, women aged 40 to 65 and those with a history of cancer in the family,” she said.

Makna is a not-for-profit social enterprise tasked to pool and utilise every effort, expertise and welfare from every faction of society to fight cancer and to reduce the pain, suffering and morbidity that cancer patients often experience.
It aims to provide curative and preventive care, cancer research and support services to cancer patients and their families, high-risk groups and the general public. – December 24, 2015.