Five things you need to know about your financial aid contribution to MAKNA

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KUALA LUMPUR: Spreading the knowledge and understanding of cancer is a priority for the National Cancer Council or MAKNA.

Over the years, the education part has grown in importance with the number of cancer patients increasing every year.

But, where does financial aid contributed to National Cancer Council (MAKNA) go to?

The following breakdown gives a picture of the percentages of expenses incurred by MAKNA for the services offered to cancer patients and the public:

For every RM1.00:

43 sen – is allocated to MAKNA’s Bursary Assistance Programme, which is a monetary assistance project that provides financially-challenged cancer patients with the required support

24 sen – is for others, including digital mobile mammograms, fundraising and volunteer activities, etc.

23 sen – is invested in the purchase of cancer-related medication and treatment at UKMMC-MAKNA Cancer Centre

8 sen – is put aside for cancer awareness programmes and educational activities

2 sen – is channelled to cancer research

Source: National Cancer Council (MAKNA)