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People Of MAKNA – Lai Poh Chin

Lai Poh Chin

How has the pandemic affected your fundraising work? And how do you adapt to the new norms?


Our work does not stop during COVID-19. Like everyone else, we work towards adapting to the new norm by adhering to the SOPs set out by Ministry of Health (MOH) and being mindful of our own personal hygiene. It is also our responsibility to help teach those who are vulnerable and illiterate to understand the situation, especially those from the poor community.


Generally, who are the people who sign up as MAKNA donors?


I noticed that most people who donate are driven to do so based on their personal experience of seeing relatives or close ones suffering from cancer. There are also hospital doctors who became donors, after going through the process of referring their patients to MAKNA. Other than that, we also get sign-ups from exhibition.


Personal experience that has impacted you during this period.


I have experiences that are close to my heart. Once, a Malay man came running towards our MAKNA booth, sobbing with his hands stretched out. When I took his hands and consoled him, he asked if we could ‘doa’ together. He was so thankful to MAKNA because his only daughter was able to recover from Leukaemia. Now he’s signed up as a donor to help others as well. I also had a chance of encountering a cancer patient where she asked to sign up as a donor on the spot. Being a breast cancer Stage 3 patient herself, she would like to lessen the burden of those who cannot afford the treatment.


Lai Poh Chin, Fund Development Officer