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People Of MAKNA – Nurul Huda


I joined MAKNA in 2008. Now, it has been almost 12 years since I first started working here. I have gone through various challenges and multiple experiences. It was at MAKNA that I began to learn more about cancer, the importance of early cancer detection, prevention measures and the treatment for this disease. The knowledge that I gained helped me to educate my family members and friends regarding cancer awareness.


Even from the start of my career here, I had the opportunity to participate in a project to adopt a child cancer patient. It was surely a priceless experience for me. As a mother, it touched my heart to see the lively and cheerful little one playing around. No one would expect that the lovely child suffered from such a chronic disease. It really broke my heart when I found out that the little one passed away after two years of fighting cancer.


In addition, another program which taught me a lot was “homestay” program with the patient. In this program, I was required to stay at the patient’s home to experience and take part in their daily life. During this program, I could saw the strength and perseverance of the patient in braving the challenges without giving up. It was truly an eye opener for me.


Moreover, throughout my time at the Bursary department; which revolves around handling financial assistance application, I got to know more about the various backgrounds of cancer patients. Learning the various difficulties of cancer patients, it motivated me to work harder to help those in need of getting treatment at the hospital. I am glad that MAKNA provided help to the cancer patients and surely it helped to ease a lot of their burden to receive it.


I am very thankful to MAKNA for giving me such a valuable experience. MAKNA taught me that with motivation, positive mentality and moral support from family members, the cancer patients will be able to stay strong in overcoming the obstacles with resolution.


Nurulhuda Abdullah, Assistant Manager, Programme (Bursary)