As a young researcher, getting grants or funds can be a rather challenging task. Knowing the importance of searching for better treatment and possible cure for cancer, MAKNA set up the MAKNA Cancer Research Award (MCRA). This award is made available specifically to young researcher, in order to encourage more participation from them in the field of cancer. Furthermore, this award will also act as a platform which put a spotlight on excellent talents and help them to grow.

For 2016 MAKNA Cancer Research Award, Dr Ronald Teow Sin Yeang was one of the recipients. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Sunway University. Based in the Department of Medical Sciences in School of Medical and Life Sciences, he is one of the young Malaysian scientists who are conducting research in the field of cancer.

His research focuses on the biology of cancer in colorectal cancer (CRC) including interaction of KRAS mutation and autophagy, and SEPT9 DNA methylation/autophagy interaction. Recently, his research teams have also moved towards understanding the role of gut and oral microbiome in CRC as well as exploring nanomaterials-based anticancer candidates for potential cancer therapies.

According to him, MCRA has given significant impact on his development at Sunway University when he was a research fellow or also known as postdoc. With the existence of the Award, he was able continue his effort towards finding better treatment for cancer

Since the inception of his research, at least two publications and a book chapter have been generated from the findings. Some of the relevant data have also been used for application of other larger-scale MOHE national grants such as Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) and Trans-disciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS). Other than that, he had the opportunity to participate in several local and international conferences and invited talks, which led him to additional external research collaborations.

He encourages other postgraduate students, research assistants and peers to apply for the prestigious Award. He himself aspires to conduct many more research projects and without a doubt will look to apply for the Award again so that he can contribute more to the society