Dr Kue Chin Siang was one of the recipients for MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2017. He completed his Master Degree in Biotechnology (Immunology) at Korea University and Doctorate in Pharmacology at University of Malaya. His research interests are discovering anticancer drug and drug delivery for selective targeting in cancer.

One of the main reasons why he wants to be involved in cancer research is because of a personal experience. His mother passed away due to late diagnosis with Stage 4 lung cancer, despite finishing the chemotherapy. Following that incidence, he started to venture into cancer immunology and pharmacology to explore better drug for treatment of cancer.

He is well concerned with the fact that the overall survival rate of cancer patients is relatively low, especially those diagnosed during the late stages. A plausible solution to this issue is by trying to detect the cancer as early as possible. He believes that early detection and treatment can be achieved through biomarkers, specifically the molecule that uniquely expressed on cancer cells. Many biomarkers have been identified for various cancers, and to improve the cancer treatment, he and his team work in designing small moleculesthat specifically target biomarker overexpressed on the cancer cell surface. This molecule can then be linked to theanticancer drug or imaging probe, to specifically deliver to the cancer cells and improve the therapeutic efficacy without harming normal cells.

According to him, photodynamic therapy (PDT) and surface molecule targeted therapy or immunotherapyare uncommon in Malaysia, compared to chemotherapy. More research should be conducted to discover new anticancer drugs and treatment methods to improve the therapeutic outcome. His international collaborators and local team(MSU &UM) are actively studying and improving the delivery and efficacy of the photosensitizing agent to cancer, through the surface marker expressed on cancer cells.

Currently a senior lecturer at Management & Science University (MSU), he encourages students who are passionate in research to make a brave decision in pursuing their dreams. He advised young researchers to be physically and mentally prepared to cope with the stress throughout the journey, but the sweat and tears will be rewarded with excitement which will unveil throughout the research. He wishes to convey his admiration to all fellow researchers out there and hopes that they will be able to keep up the good work that they are doing for the sake of the greater good.