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MCRA SUCCESS STORY : Nethia Mohana Kumaran

For over 10 years, nasopharynx and cervical cancer have been identified to be some of the more common cancers in Malaysia as reported by the Ministry of Health. It is truly a concerning issue which requires appropriate actions to be taken. Dr Nethia Mohana Kumaran, a senior lecturer at the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) […]

A young man’s brush with testicular cancer

Age is no guarantee for good health. Zuhairi was only 16 years old when he started experiencing frequent fevers. With the high temperature came an abnormal swelling of his right testis, alerting the young man that something was wrong. “I immediately sought medical help and was scheduled for an ultrasound,” says the now 28-year-old. “The […]

People Of MAKNA – Amylia Mustapha

Ever since we were launched, MAKNA donors have always been a pillar that enables MAKNA to assist those who are less fortunate in dealing with cancer treatments and other related costs. In this edition of our People of MAKNA series, our staff, Amylia, shares her experience processing cancer patients’ applications, which are mostly from the […]


Dr Kue Chin Siang was one of the recipients for MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2017. He completed his Master Degree in Biotechnology (Immunology) at Korea University and Doctorate in Pharmacology at University of Malaya. His research interests are discovering anticancer drug and drug delivery for selective targeting in cancer. One of the main reasons why […]


As a young researcher, getting grants or funds can be a rather challenging task. Knowing the importance of searching for better treatment and possible cure for cancer, MAKNA set up the MAKNA Cancer Research Award (MCRA). This award is made available specifically to young researcher, in order to encourage more participation from them in the […]

5 Reasons To Donate to Charitable Organisations

Today, there are numerous charitable organisations and social enterprises which are established across the globe including in Malaysia. These entities dedicate their effort towards helping underprivileged communities, striving to make the world a better place for everyone. In order for this to become a reality, a great deal of effort and resources have to be […]

People Of MAKNA – Noor Rosina

  How has the pandemic affected your fundraising work? And how do you adapt to the new norms?   The Movement Control Order (MCO) has forcefully stopped all our ground activities, disrupting our main source, which has always been face-to-face fundraising. It had a significant impact on MAKNA’s funds, which is required to help underprivileged […]

People Of MAKNA – Nurul Huda

I joined MAKNA in 2008. Now, it has been almost 12 years since I first started working here. I have gone through various challenges and multiple experiences. It was at MAKNA that I began to learn more about cancer, the importance of early cancer detection, prevention measures and the treatment for this disease. The knowledge […]

People Of MAKNA – Kathleen Mason

“Does it hurt?” is the question that I often get from mammogram participants. As a radiographer, it is my duty to give them the best service and comfort as they undergo the screening.   The infamous Mammogram procedure is widely known for its painful and uncomfortable experience which are the reasons why most women are […]

People Of MAKNA – Grace Jee

The pandemic affected our job in MAKNA especially in my unit. This is because our main job requires us to travel and do Digital Mobile Mammogram screening. We are supposed to start our very first screening for the people in Sarawak but because of Movement Control Order (MCO), we need to postpone our project.   […]

People Of MAKNA – Daud Simpat

We are very affected with the situation as we are not able to serve the community through MAKNA’s programs and services. As mentioned by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, it is vital for us to maintain social distancing between each other. Hence, programs which attract a lot of crowd should also be avoided.   Furthermore, […]

People Of MAKNA – Cherylrichel Douni

Everything feels different now. Even if we are now allowed to work in the office, there are new rules to follow, like temperature check, mandatory mask wearing, frequent hand sanitizing, workdays rotation, social distancing and now most meetings are conducted online.   But as a MAKNA employee, I am very thankful because during this pandemic […]

People Of MAKNA – Lai Poh Chin

How has the pandemic affected your fundraising work? And how do you adapt to the new norms?   Our work does not stop during COVID-19. Like everyone else, we work towards adapting to the new norm by adhering to the SOPs set out by Ministry of Health (MOH) and being mindful of our own personal […]

An Integrated Effort to Fight Childhood Cancer: A Malaysian & Global Perspective

Cancer is a disease which can occur to anyone from any background at any age group, including children. Childhood cancer is the term coined for any cancers that are commonly associated with children. Childhood Cancer in Malaysia The incidence of childhood cancer in Malaysia is still stable as reported by the Ministry of Health. According […]

Open Call for MAKNA 2020 Cancer Research Award

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2020 is now calling for application! Open to young Malaysian scientists below 40 years of age who are pursuing cancer research, it is awarded annually to research proposals selected by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. All applications must be submitted online through the Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) database at www.mytopscientists.org […]