Klimb for Kancer


Make a personal statement in the fight against cancer. Sign up for the 2016 expedition to ascend Kinabalu, organized by MAKNA to raise both awareness on cancer and funds to help cancer patients. Klimb Kinabalu, Fight Against Cancer will take advantage of newly opened trek trails that are both beautiful and challenging. Be a part of the expedition; make it your personal target to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu in honour of your loved one who have battled cancer or use this opportunity to show your support for cancer
patients as well as survivors. At the same time, you will be helping to raise much-needed funds in aid of financially challenged cancer patients. You will also be making this climb in memory of the guides and fellow climbers who lost their lives in the
quake in June 2015.

Each climber / fundraiser shall pay for their own package (please see Registration Fee) and needs to raise a minimum donation of RM2,000


Create your own campaign
Use the power of the Internet to do good! Now you can create your own campaign and start raising fund for Klimb for Kancer by simply setting a page on our  Simply Giving MAKNA and People Giving MAKNA sites. This can be done within minutes, it is that easy!