How Your Company Can Help


How your company can help

Most organisations have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and initiatives and as a charity, MAKNA is more than happy to cooperate and collaborate with these companies to help poor cancer patients.

In our years of partnership with corporations, there have been many occasions of MAKNA holding exhibitions on cancer, conducting talks and offering mammograms to employees of these partners. What has been most apparent in all these partnerships is the dedication and commitment of our partners towards contributing their time, energy, expertise and resources in order to transform cancer patients’ lives.

Partner with us

Our activities foster collaboration among all who are invested in giving a chance to poor cancer patients. These partnerships offer recognition and acknowledgement to the rightful parties.

Give as you increase your visibility.

One-Off Donation

Every amount of donation is precious as it can help us in more ways than can be imagined. A donation whatever the amount sent with love and good intentions will always have the power to heal!

Do your best, we appreciate your contribution.

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To find out more, please email and we will discuss how we can mutually benefit from working together.