Volnuteering FAQ


Why should I become a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer with MAKNA is one of the best ways you can help cancer patients who are in need of assistance. The simple act of giving freely of your time and energy is a feel-good experience you will gain as one of the benefits of volunteering. The willingness to share will bring you contentment no words can describe.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteering means providing your service, voluntarily. There are many areas within MAKNA itself which may appeal to you as a volunteer. Basically, helping MAKNA to execute some of its programmes, engaging with patients, fundraising, and also organising projects on your own are just some of the more common activities available for interested volunteers’ participation. Volunteers may also sign up for our internship programme. To become a volunteer, all you need to do is to fill the Volunteer Form and submit it to makna@makna.org.my. We will reply to you in due time.

Where is Makna’s internship based?

Internships with MAKNA take place at our office at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Please contact us if you are interested to pursue this further.

When does MAKNA recruit for interns?

All year round, and whenever there is a specific need.

Do I get recognised for my voluntary work?

We give out special testimonials or certificates as and when requested. Other types of recognitions are in the form of awards for those who are deemed to have excelled in providing services to cancer patients and the community. Also, MAKNA’s Volunteers Appreciation Day is held at the end of the year to recognise the efforts and commitment of volunteers.


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