Healing Hands

There are 110,000 new cases of cancer every year in Vietnam. The mortality rate is 73%, one of the highest in the world and that is because of a simple lack of trained cancer specialists.

Through our partnership with the Bright Future Foundation in Vietnam and the national K hospital, we will train healthcare representatives from each of Vietnam’s 5 municipalities, who will then hold training sessions in regional locations, reaching over 900 healthcare facilities in 58 provinces for Vietnam’s 88 million people.

Modern medicine has made strides in the fight against breast & cervical cancer, giving us advanced screening technology, invaluable preventative knowledge and effective treatment. By targeting these two strains of cancer, which claim thousands of lives every year in Vietnam, we can create real social change. Not only for those at risk now, but for generations to come.

By being part of this on the ground movement you will gain international recognition as a contributor to one of the most ambitious and efficient healthcare programs Vietnam has ever seen. MAKNA will ensure sponsorship visibility every step of the way and provide bi-annual updates on the affect the program is having.

Furthermore, as our international initiatives gain momentum, our coverage from global cancer bodies such as the UICC, WHO and IARC will cement your position as drivers of social change across Vietnam in partnership with MAKNA.

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MAKNA International Vietnam is working in partnership with the Bright Future Foundation Vietnam (BFF), the National Cancer Hospital Vietnam, the Vietnam Young Physician Association (VYPA) and Hanoi Medical University. MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional Malaysia) is a recognised member of UICC and are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers.