Staying Positive in Fighting Cancer

Dear  sir/madam,

At the young age of 19, Asnifatira was diagnosed with germ cell tumour in her brain, a form of brain cancer .

Asnifatira, or better known as Tera, is the eldest daughter of three siblings. She is currently staying with her single mother and her siblings at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. She is a very outgoing and energetic person .

According to Tera, it all started with a headache which over time became more and more frequent. She then became too sensitive towards noises and could not stand being in the sun for a long period. At one point she started having seizures and sometimes fainted. As the symptoms became worst, she sought medical consultation in which the doctor arranged for a CT scan to be done on her.

The result of the scan showed that a tumour had formed at the back of her head and it burst. Following the result, an immediate surgery was done. Not long after, a second surgery was performed to install a “shunt” at the back of her head.

It was a further plight at that time because Tera had to abandon her studies in Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) due to her worsening condition.

Despite facing such difficulties and hardship, she never gave up .

“I need to be strong for myself and for my loved ones. I don’t want my parents to be sad” (Tera)

She embraced her situation with an open heart and a positive mindset . By doing so, it helped her to endure the pain thus she was able to complete the whole treatment process. Plus, during her visits to the hospital, she sometimes sang for the patients in the ward. She wanted to spread positive vibes to other cancer patients, hoping that it can cheer them up and prevent them from delving in negative emotions.

As of now, she is doing much better. She hopes that one day she can finally be fully healed and aspires to help other cancer patients that are going through the same experience.

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