Message from the President

MAKNA was founded on a dream. Many would probably think of this as an over-simplified way of putting things. In reality it isn’t, because sometimes what could turn out to be a significant achievement in one’s life started as nothing more concrete than a dream.

But it is what one does with one’s dream – now that is what makes a whole world of difference.

I have worked hard for my dream.
I have poured my heart and soul into establishing MAKNA. Most importantly, I have also been blessed. Along the way, I have crossed paths
with kind souls, many of whom have dedicated much effort, time and resource in helping to make this dream come true. The MAKNA that you see and hear of today is the result of the collective willpower of these generous, far-sighted individuals. And because of them, MAKNA has helped thousands of cancer patients and their families, as they went through what could well be the biggest struggles of their lives.

It might seem like an overused cliché but every bit does count. The smallest contribution can mean the difference between life and death to the many underprivileged cancer patients. And we have seen it on many occasions; cancer patients from poor financial background often lost the fight with cancer not because it was incurable, but because they were unable to afford the treatment.

This is where I can proudly say that MAKNA has made the difference – from the first instance that our doors opened until 2014, we have helped over 420,000 cancer cases. But again, we couldn’t have done so without help from donors and the public, individually and collectively. But the giving society is stretched. So is the ringgit. And there is so much more yet to be done for patients and not to mention to the cancer cause in general. Because as we continue in our mission to help cancer patients with financial and emotional support, we are at the same time championing public education, research and the sharing of information on cancer.

It is our hope that as we help those who have cancer now fight the disease, we are at the same time doing as much to empower others to take ownership of their health to a point where in the future we can hopefully consign cancer to the pages of history.
There is only so much that one man can do. MAKNA will continue to need the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and the unwavering support of caring individuals and organisations to carry on our work so that anyone who is in need of
help shall be helped. It is my hope that you will continue to partner with us on this meaningful journey.

The smallest contribution can mean the difference between life and death to many patients. With a little help from you, my friends, the light will never go out for cancer patients.

Thank you for your continued support and belief.