Bursary Assistance Programme

    Bursary Assistance Programme

    MAKNA’s Bursary Assistance Programme assists financially-challenged patients with a monthly allowance, medical equipment, medication and ancillary items to enable them to cope with cancer.

    To ensure a smooth implementation of this programme, MAKNA receives cooperation from Medical Social Work Department based in government hospitals. These officers screen applications and gather relevant information from their cancer patients. Once gathered, the documents will be forwarded to MAKNA for assessment. If they meet set standards, patients will eventually receive the amount of financial assistance needed.



    List of hospitals

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    Bursary process

    Download MAKNA Bursary Assistance Application Flow Information


    Bursary assistance includes but not limited to following:

    MaknasmalllogoUrostomy / Colostomy bags
    MaknasmalllogoNon-formulary drugs
    MaknasmalllogoProstheses, e.g. for breasts, legs
    MaknasmalllogoChemo ports
    MaknasmalllogoLiquid food
    MaknasmalllogoDiapers, commode
    MaknasmalllogoFuneral expenses
    MaknasmalllogoRipple mattresses

    MaknasmalllogoCrutches / walking sticks
    MaknasmalllogoOxygen concentrator
    MaknasmalllogoMetallic stents
    MaknasmalllogoSuction machines
    MaknasmalllogoBone marrow transplantation
    MaknasmalllogoTotal body irradiation
    MaknasmalllogoHLA Typing
    MaknasmalllogoPetty cash for hospitals

    At the current rate, every year, RM9 million is needed to assist patients financially through
    MAKNA Bursary Assistance programme.