Exhibition & Awareness

Our Exhibition team organizes talks and exhibitions on a yearly basis in addition to regular demonstrations, etc., in local communities, corporate sectors, government agencies, institutions of higher learning and schools. This shall help to reduce cancer incidences in Malaysia through continuous education to drive awareness and encourage positive health behavior changes

In 2020,

  • This is the 1st item
  • This is the 2nd item
  • The number of exhibition activities conducted decreased by 31% due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • As an alternative during COVID-19 pandemic, online exhibitions were conducted.
  • In the effort to spread cancer awareness to rural areas more effectively, we initiated the Mobile Exhibition Truck .

Exhibition conducted in
the following sector


2020 : 12

2021 : 1


2020 : 21

2021 : 1


2020 : 12

2021 : 4


2020 : 14

2021 : 0

Exhibition Truck

  • Complete the first pilot event on March 2021 at Perlis
  • Utilising the Argumented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology,
    it helps to educate the public and raise cancer awareness in rural areas.