Our Efforts

In line with our goal towards reducing the burden of cancer as well as creating a cancer-free world, we provide various multifaceted services.

Patient Support Services

In order to win the fight against cancer, eligible patients from the lower income group can gain access to various support services provided by MAKNA.

Cancer Awareness

Our team organises talks and exhibitions every month in local communities, corporate sectors, government agencies, institutions of higher learning and schools to educate and raise awareness.

Volunteer Management

The Volunteer department is the key driving force which helps us to cast a wider net and extend support to a larger group of cancer patients as they undergo treatment; encompassing communities from all parts of the country.

Young Cancer Survivor Scholarship

For young cancer patients/survivors, their studies might be affected as a lot of resources are allocated for their treatment. To help them in completing their education, we provide financial assistance through this scholarship programme.

Cancer Screening

We believe that early detection and prevention are important in reducing cancer morbidity and mortality.


Apart from helping cancer patients in Malaysia, we also aspire to extend our reach internationally. Through external partnerships with cancer communities across the world, we can reduce the global cancer burden together.

Cancer Research

Our Research department is committed towards advancing cancer research in providing research funds and grants to make life-changing scientific discoveries.

MAKNA Cancer Support Group

Battling with cancer is already hard; dealing with the emotional toll of cancer can also be overwhelming. Our support group headed by trained staffs and volunteers will give counsel to cancer patients, their family members or caregivers to ease their cancer journey.