Volunteering comes in different forms, and allows you to choose whether to share your time, energy or expertise with the targeted groups that need help.  

Becoming a volunteer with MAKNA gives you a firsthand opportunity to serve and comfort those who are less fortunate, in our case, cancer patients and their families. It also lodges you right among those who need information about cancer, where you help make understanding the disease better. The simple act of giving creates and fosters the love for others while the giving of time is a good feeling you will experience in abundance. The willingness to share your time and energy will bring you contentment and self-satisfaction.

Volunteer with us

To all interested volunteers, MAKNA will conduct an induction programme where all new volunteers will be acquainted with MAKNA and the many areas they can get involved with. Remember, identifying which areas that suits you is the first step in your walk towards achieving excellence as a volunteer. Your interest coupled with what you can bring to the table will help you attain your goal in your chosen areas to volunteer.

MAKNA Introductory Programme (MIP)

MIP is one of the three compulsory training modules, which every MAKNA volunteers are required to undergo before designated a ‘Trained Volunteer’. This training equips volunteers with the necessary knowledge and information about MAKNA and information about MAKNA and the services it provides to cancer patients, their families, high-risk groups and the public.

The programme is also an opportunity for MAKNA to get to know its volunteers. MIP session also provide an avenue for volunteers to identity their areas of interest or expertise they would like to volunteer and contribute.

Fundraising Events

From charity runs to football matches, and from concerts to car washes, MAKNA is always in need of volunteers for such events.
(Volunteers will be informed of upcoming activities via e-mails or postal mails).

Basic Nursing Care I & II (BNC I & II)

The BNC modules are divided into two sessions and designed to expose volunteers to areas of personal hygiene and ways to handle and provide care to patients. This aspect includes training volunteers on the proper way to handle bedridden patients, and the recommended behaviour/etiquette/approach when visiting patients at their homes and hospitals.

Cancer Awareness and Education

Your assistance towards organising MAKNA’s various cancer awareness campaigns will certainly be most welcome. Part of your duties will among others, involve managing exhibitions, attending to visitors, and distributing informative materials.
(Volunteers will be informed of upcoming activities via e-mails or postal mails).

Home Visit

Part of being a volunteer is gaining the exposure to Home and Hospital visits. During these visits, you receive hands-on experience engaging and helping cancer patients and their families.

Recreational Activities with Cancer Patients

Recreational activities are organised for cancer patients and survivors to enjoy, relax and refresh themselves outside of the home environment. There have been instances under this programme where children with cancer who are accompanied by their parents are taken on a stroll or short trip to theme parks, educational centres or expeditions and sometimes even meeting celebrities. As a volunteer you will get to “be buddies” with a child who becomes your “best buddy of the day.”

Administrative work

Your assistance can also be valuable to us at our office. We are always on the look-out for volunteers to help with tasks such as updating database, issuing tax exemption receipts, compiling articles related to cancer, filing, mailing, etc.

Arts and Crafts Activities

Volunteers and cancer survivors also get involved in creating and promoting arts and crafts activities such as line dancing, patch work, making hair clips, making baskets, making aprons and many other interesting activities. This builds rapport and relationships among all those involved in these kinds of projects.

Cancer Support Group

This group is made up of cancer survivors who share their experiences with newly diagnosed cancer patients and help the latter cope with cancer. Families who are distraught can find comfort in joining this support group.

The support group provides a setting in which cancer patients can talk about living with cancer with others who may be having similar experiences. Talking about the emotional burden of having cancer helps a patient’s recovery.

The support of the health care team (comprising doctors, nurses, and social workers), support groups, and patient-to-patient networks can help cancer patients feel less isolated and distressed and improve the quality of their lives.

Community Outreach Programme(COP)

Community Outreach Programme is a programme to heighten community awareness, to spread a little love and to make all contributors feel welcome and valued as members of the community.

Community Outreach is a ground level activity that inspires community bonding by performing various actions, including meeting and greeting new friends, spreading well wishes, increase awareness and improve community well-being.

This passionate outreach programme is not limited to local programmes but also brings about international outreach programme

Volunteer crafting

Alaina Cubbon

Working with MAKNA expanded my appreciation for the non-profit sector and opened my eyes to the amazing things this sector is capable of. Most importantly, I felt that my input was really valued and that my contributions were greatly appreciated, making my time at MAKNA a highly rewarding experience.

Alaina CubbonInternship Student - Bermuda, United Kingdom
 Melissa Lee

It’s too difficult to simply sum up the experience I have had with MAKNA. It is a journey you must experience yourself to really see the magnitude of work that they do. As a volunteer at MAKNA you will participate in and learn many different things and I have no doubt the experience will redefine your outlook on life, as it did mine. I would like to sincerely thank MAKNA for giving me the opportunity to be part of their mission. Thank you for sharing your time and stories with me and most of all, for being such an inspiration.

Melissa LeeVolunteer - United Kingdom
Jana Kressin

MAKNA gave me an idea about what it means to care for others. It impressed me, how many activities were organised to create and increase cancer awareness in public and the provision of psychological and financial support to patients. It was wonderful to see for myself the passion and motivation of MAKNA staff and volunteers who never give up and never afraid of trying new ways to do things.

Jana KressinInternship Student - Leipzig, Germany
Jayprabhu Muniandy

My time with MAKNA was something that I will always cherish. The staff despite executing labour-intensive tasks daily, were always willing to help whenever I needed assistance. As I was involved in charity drives, I learnt very crucial people skills that MAKNA employs in organising their campaigns. “Isn’t everyone part of everyone else?” 

Jayprabhu MuniandyInternship Student - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia